Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My final post

It's been a long time since I've been able to get to this blog! I wish I could show you the number of pages "blog" has been written on my to-do list.   It may seem shady, but I'm going to play the "I had a baby" card.  

This little baby has been the sweetest little treat to steal my brain power since the last little baby and I haven't fully recovered my brain from him!  But man, it's so worth it.  That little sticker says "1 month".  How does one month move so fast and so slow at the same time??

Anyway, now that my school year has come to an end, so has my CTEPS experience.

My initial “ask” for my project had been that teachers will take risk in literacy instruction based on the most recent best practice research. During the process, I expected to lead a professional development within my building based on the results of our classroom research.  However, within the school year, all teachers in our building took risks alongside us, and my “ask” was granted beyond what I even expected.  Now, our district is using the research and ideas from our process and extended upon them.  We have a leadership group (sooo many smart people) created of administrators and classroom teachers to create a “literacy playbook” that will be utilized district-wide.   Yes, a book! This is something we began in January and now the group is finishing as my baby and brain are resting. I cannot wait to see the final product!

Rather than end this experience quietly, I feel moved to start a new mission. It would be too easy to stop now, right? Two toddlers, a newborn, a new position at school, zero sleep....sure, I'll start a new movement, too!  

My (new) final product’s purpose or “ask” is to discuss with my superintendent ways to support, recruit, and hopefully sponsor CTEPS teachers within our district.  To help with my presentation, I have made the following infographic to guide my discussion. Here is a link to it, so that you can download it for yourself!

The year that I was a National Board Teacher Candidate was the first year that changed my outlook on education. The whole classroom and everything I did inside it had more purpose and passion. The year that I completed CTEPS was the second year that has changed my outlook on education. Now the entire education system is something I have more purpose and more passion. Maybe I will have an impact outside sweet Junction City, and maybe I won't; but, the fact that I feel like I can is enough for me. This feeling is strength. Teachers that feel strength are unstoppable. Hopefully more teachers around me will experience CTEPS. Until then, my mission is to let CTEPS live through me so that any teacher working with me recognizes, feels, and is confident to use their super powers.

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